When the Sun Rises

When the sun rises I awake and find myself. Depending on the day I either am rested or tired, but still, I find myself. I am excited to share this post as the morning is a sacred time for me and have always been. 

In the birth chart, the rising sign symbolizes the east, where the sun rises. The most personal part of our chart, our rising sign informs us many things, such as the qualities of how we enter and interact in this world.  Directly opposite sits the west where the sun sets, and is symbolic of the intimate relationships in our chart. 

That is why mornings are an invitation to begin with self; reminding us of the valuable lesson that first we must attend to our own needs, so that then we can be of service and in partnership with others. To begin the day noticing, reflecting and making a practice out of this time offers a routine that starts the day with a strong foundation.

The first house in a birth chart reminds us of one of the many paradoxes we navigate through life. This life is personal to you, experienced by you, yet in the same cup it is influenced completely by the world around you: touched by the people in our lives, nourished by food grown from the earth that we feed our bodies. There is no denying how interconnected we are. 

How do you begin your day? I, as many of you, have the habit of reaching for my phone first thing, immediately stimulated by social media and messages from friends. Do you have a practice you begin with? There is a noticeable shift in my day when I make minor adjustments to honor the morning by keeping my phone on do not disturb and starting my day in stillness. Shifts include a clearer mind, reminded by my intentions and allowed space. When I wake I first lay in stillness, to just feel. I peak open my blinds and look at the mountains in my backyard in deep appreciation for the place I live. I pray, for myself and for others. Then I take care of my body and take a seat to practice a few simple Kriyas to awaken the body followed by a practice  of pranayama. Journal handy, I let myself flow, unwind and process the world inside of me.

Witness the experience. Lean into what is real. Even if it’s not “nice” or fitting of the way I would like to be perceived, it’s more of an honoring when I think about it. An honoring of existence and the true qualities of it. After this reflection and time, I can then go out into the world, interact and in turn be an influencer. What is the sun energy you will shine?

To watch a new day begin, the world still cold from the dark night sky, is a privilege. We wake up to live another day! From Virgo, the second Earth sign ruled by Mercury, we are asked to make time to evaluate and adjust -- to make sure the details are in order. It extends from the previous learnings of play and of heart. It beckons us to understand how to keep the fire inside kindelled. We then extend ourselves to serve others. Just as the sun sets so it can rise again to share its brightness with everything surrounding it, we find a way to extend it to something outside of ourselves.

Service to Others

Another Summer passes, and this one feels particularly fast. I suppose with each year ripened, time becomes more elusive as each day that passes is a smaller fraction of the whole. I write to you about the magic of service to others. A particular kind; one that asks us to step down from our superiority -- to step out of our busy lives and be of cause to something besides ourselves and become instead one that serves without an agenda. Let’s meet on the Earth for this month’s exploration of service to others, inspired by the lessons of Virgo, our second Earth Sign in the zodiac.

The concept of service to others is noted in all religions and spiritual studies that I know of. The presence of a topic across cultures, one that has been time tested is surely worthy of consideration in our day-to-day lives. It is one I must bring myself back to time and time again. When my world becomes consumed with my own dramas, desires, etc. this simple practice of being of service guides me out of the labyrinth of my mind and back into perspective of the bigger picture.

When I look around and see suicide, anxiety, depression and addiction very much present I wonder, how can I help? When I myself have visited these dark corners of my human experience, the isolation is overpowering. I know there is an important element that is missing in these times: service to others, or involvement with something larger than myself. So this month I invite you to practice this with me.

The action need not be grandiose, and should be inspired by your own unique life. It can be the simple act of doing your roommate’s dishes or picking up trash that isn’t yours. Maybe it’s time to get involved with a cause that matters to your heart. From service to others we can fertilize the soil of our heart where compassion and empathy grow tall, which in turn support us on our Earthly journey.

So this month, may we stop and listen and give from a place of abundance and serve.

Strawberry Full Moon

“I am related to al things and all things are related to me” Lakota phrase Mitakuye Oyasin


This quote was in the Wemoon calendar, a beautiful calendar with poetry and art from different female artists. A collaboration of work, bringing beauty and spotlighting the various talented artist, not competition, but collaboration. This theme of unity is quite fitting for this Full Moon. As we approach Summer Solstice, the latter half of the year is traditionally associated with an expansion of awareness and attention that includes others. This theme, this choice of action I believe can expand and evolve us all. This is Ayurveda, Yoga, Astrology, they ask us to consider the larger picture, to unify the body, mind, spirit, etc. They ask us to stay aware of the seasons and the climate around us so we can stay balanced through life’s fluctuations.

In Montana this past week the Sun has assured us that Summer is indeed here, with long hot days. Gardens are beginning to produce harvest and we have a bounty of fruits and veggies becoming available to us. The question is asked, how can we adjust to follow suit, to welcome this season and evolve with nature, ripening intentionally. I always laugh at some the texts I recieve, “What the hell is going on with Planets, is there a reason why I feel like I hate everyone” Having a reputation of being a studying astrologer you get some funny questions! I love it though because I know people following Solshine are interested in practicing this seasonal awareness, understanding that life is large, that we are affected by our environments and that the celestial bodies do influence us. Our ancestors knew this, pyramids built on this principle. Life is wild guys, that's why we come prepared, owning our shit, doing the work and showing up.

Back to Summer, every time we enter a new season we are asked to adjust. To account for the new climate, we look at our diet, our activities and refine where necessary. Habits are the bulk of our day. Beginning a new habit is typically uncomfortable but after a week it becomes more fluid more autonomous. I have been practicing three specific Kriyas/ Meditations each morning, I am on day 18 and going to 40. Practicing this self discipline and accountability for myself has been well worth my time. The astrology of Eclipse season is full of themes of total emotional self reliance, responsibility and the choice to show up for others, start now!

Below is a recipe for summer veggie wrap and cucumber salad made by Kristina Sager, Solshine’s content creator / editor and myself. The Chimmi-AYO has been adjusted and modified with some herbs that keeps the body cool and a serious must have to this dish.


We have entered the season of warm weather, ruled by the pitta dosha. Both characterised by heat, fire, and dryness, summer and pitta are two in the same. If the summer season has you feeling irritable, overheated, inflamed, and red, you likely have excess pitta. The ruling principle of Ayurveda is “like increases like,” meaning eating hot foods that resemble the heat of summer and the pitta dosha will lead to more pitta and heat. In order to cool the fire of pitta we want to eat light, cooling foods that do not overload our agni, or digestive fire, which can slow in pitta season. Think cucumbers, fresh herbs, melon, and leafy greens. This is a great excuse to stop by your local farmers market and pick up all the nutrient-dense summer foods and whip up a fresh meal!

This summer dinner of veggie burgers, cucumber salad, and chimichurri mayo is inspired by our summer season and is honestly delicious. We can’t stop thinking about the chimi mayo and (of course) the wine spritzer!

Prep time: 45 min

Cook time: 10 min

Veggie burger ingredients:

  • Lentils, soaked (1 cup)

  • Basmati rice (1 cup)

  • Flax meal or other binder (coconut, almond, or rice flour work well; as does oatmeal)

  • ¼ white onion, finely chopped

  • 2 cloves garlic, minced

  • 2 leaves kale or other leafy green, chopped

  • Fresh herbs: cilantro, basil, dill, mint

  • 2 eggs

Cucumber salad ingredients:

  • 1 cucumber

  • Rice vinegar (2 tablespoons)

  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup

  • Thinly sliced white onions

  • Salt and pepper to taste

Chimichurri mayo

  • Fresh herbs: cilantro, basil, dill, mint

  • White vinegar

  • Avocado mayo

  • 2 cloves garlic

Wine spritzer

  • ¼ cucumber + ¼ cantaloupe, pureed

  • Vino Verde or other dry wine

  • Splash of sparkling water


  • Veggie burgers -- cook Basmati rice and soaked lentils ahead of time. Combine with the rest of the burger ingredients and use a masher to mix the ingredients together. The consistency should be somewhat thick so it does not fall apart when you cook it. Add flax meal until you reach your desired consistency. Scoop patty-sized scoops of the veggie burger ingredients and cook in hot cooking oil of your choice on medium-high. You’ll want to crisp the outside of the patty for a crunchy outside and moist inside.

  • Cucumber salad -- prepare the cucumber salad by chopping the cucumbers to bite size pieces and mixing with the rest of the ingredients. Set aside for the sugar, vinegar, and salt to marinate the cucumber. You may make this ahead of time and soak for a few hours for extra flavor!

  • Chimichurri mayo -- mix ingredients in a high powered blender or nutribullet.

  • Spritzer -- add ⅛ cup puree mixture to a glass of dry white wine. Vino verde is great because it is effervescent naturally. Otherwise you can add a splash of sparkling mineral water for the spritz!

  • Enjoy your meal in a wrap or on a bed of greens.

    Sagittarius Full Moon Reflections ~

  • Do you have a study or hobbie that you are involved in? One that you can go deeper, practicing this penetration and appreciation of what unfolds as we stay?

  • What stands in the way of your happiness? Is there a pattern in the lessons you are learning? Or a theme you can recognize in your family?

  • How can you give back? Be there for others? In any way, as a tribute and act of respect to others? To the realization that without the farmers we would have no produce, without the truck drivers, no way to transport the food. How are you giving back?

  • Are you emotionally self reliant? The astrology gets wacky this next month. Summer is the season to soften, to take time and enjoy the pleasures of the long warm days. Approach carefully.

    Events & Classes

    Eclipse Season Event : Eclipse season is upon us, uncovering what has been shadowed. An unadulterated audit from nature, eclipses can be affirmative or dismantling to our lives. The choice for complete emotional resilience is yours. The elixir is to act in an interconnected way, owning the choices and actions you have made, witnessing the absolute truth on our kinship with one another. The magic eclipse events incorporate -Yoga inspired by the astrology led by Samantha Moore of Sol Shine with personal adjustments and reiki by Jess Peeblson of Hummingbird Lodge -Tantra healing circle meditation and gong savasana led by Arwen Sach Kiret Kaur of Evenstar Rising -Personal astrology and intention setting with Amanda Johansson of The Moon and Me

  • July 2nd: New moon in Cancer & solar eclipse...calling us to access the feminine and honor the interconnected nature of all life. How are you nurturing yourself in order sustain your higher calling?

  • July 16th: Full Moon in Capricorn & lunar eclipse...the masculine highlights our responsibility and the structures we adhere to. What is holding you back from showing up and what underlying emotions are driving your actions?

  • Early Morning Yoga Flow - Join me for a seasonal early morning flow. Hatha influenced flow meaning we move slower and hold postures for about 5 breathes. All level When: Monday & Wednesday mornings 7-8 AM Where: https://www.redwillowlearning.org/ Red Willow Center As above so below,  Samantha

Full Moon Scorpio: When the boundary was broken

Full Moon in Scorpio Insights and Reflections

Have you taken a moment to notice the blooming of Spring? It always seems to happen so rapidly, one day the trees still bare from Winter are suddenly covered and decorated with leaves and blossoms. I find myself sticking my nose into any blossom available trying to absorb the scent of these vibrant plants! The looming summer heat that puts an end to the delicate blossoms creates an urgency to soak it all in, not wanting the goodness to end.

I have paused from writing whilst integrate back into life in Missoula. But a Scorpio Full Moon draws me to wake from my slumber and share some astrological insights and reflections. This full moon, quite lovely in the sky, tells a tale of unity. The past few months hold some interesting aspects between Mars (masculine, action) and Venus (feminine, stillness). Perhaps this diad stirred up intimacy and interactions with our partner; or maybe it had more to do with these expressions of Self.

We all likely lean more toward one expression: the passive or dominant nature of our being. Perhaps it shone a spotlight on tension and imbalance of the two, calling for an adjustment to be made to achieve balance. Have you been busying yourself, doing, expressing etc? Or maybe a complacent void has taken place. Both exist and serve a purpose. Take some time to reflect on the past two months, what were themes you saw, emotions etc. Is there anything there worth exploring, particularly if these themes have been repeated in your life.  

Get into your body this weekend as this Taurus (Sun) and Scorpio (Moon) duo deepen our ability to connect to our physical and carnal side. The senses, especially physical, invite us to savor the pleasures of being human (like having sex, ha!). Sexuality is taboo in our culture, yet it is so much a part of being human -- something we all do; how we all got here; innatute to our existence. Taurus and Scorpio are both very sensual signs. Taurus as the first Earth sign delights in the pleasures of our Earthly realm, taking their time to savor and nurture the things that bring them joy. Scorpio, the counterpart, is fascinated by the occult, taboo, and the shadow side of sex.

The theme of my conversations as of late spotlights the necessity of boundaries; the action of boundary-setting to protect our Self, maintain harmony, and cultivate a protected space where we feel safe enough to be vulnerable and open. There are a few things that help set this foundation. In Ayurveda we speak about the three pillars of health: Sleep, Digestion, and Brahmacharya (sex and creative expression) When one goes out of balance the other two quickly pick up the weight and become affected by this shift. Our lives become more complex, but this is a worthy place to start.  As individuals we must protect these pillars, setting boundaries to protect and uphold them. For we may only share the gift of our existence if we are fully present and able to give our attention to the interactions and happenings of life. At times setting boundaries can feel like we are losing something. Recently I have experienced this feeling of loss as I practiced this skill of setting boundaries, which meant having to say goodbye to someone I still cared for. I find solace when I remember that by upholding this boundary I bring myself closer to my goals, purpose; what it is I truly want. The lessons of Scorpio serves as a bitter reminder that there is always loss, and only from this void can the new enter. As with the seasons, Scorpio knows that from death comes new life.

Sleep has been a tough one for me and I note that it seems to run in my family. I recently heard a practitioner talking about how she powers off her phone two hours before bed, dims the lights and starts this unplug. TWO HOURS BEFORE BED! Now if I did that I would have one measly hour to myself between work and needing adequate sleep. But, I was inspired by this boundary and care regimen she set up, so I adjusted it accordingly and have been practicing this “disconnect” before bed, lighting candles, doing a few yin poses, giving myself time to unwind from the day and return to myself.

The result of a rest is so fantastic though! My mood, skin, etc. improve drastically and I notice my ability to show up for life is enhanced. There are times of sacrifice where that means missing out on a fun gathering or activity. This presents the choice between the old habits and the new boundary: to protect what keeps you balanced or don’t and accept the consequences.

As the Full Moon shines bright, take time for reflection. This is a time to weed out the things that get in the way. But we must not forget to reflect upon how these weeds came to be; what lessons they may offer. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn urges us to slow down, to witness the attitude that calls us to kill our problems and obstacles without understanding them in a deeper way. If we do this we miss out on valuable lessons and understandings. Dandelions pop up in the yard when there is a lack of minerals that helped the deep root of the weed come to the surface. What is the source of our weeds, theoretically speaking? What is in the way, is the way.

As the full moon shines bright take time for reflection, weeding out the things that seem to be getting in the way. Yet still taking time to understand how these weeds came to be, what they are yearning to share with you. Dandelions popping in the yard indicate a lack of minerals that the deep roots of this weed help surface. We miss out on valuable lessons and understandings by disregarding the meaning of the weeds, theoretically speaking. With pluto in retrograde in Capricorn, we are urged to slow down, to witness the “kill” like attitude we have towards problems or obstacles and understand these obstacles in a deeper way. What is in the way, is the way as someone incredibly wise once said.

Reflections on Boundaries:

Who would you be if you protected your “health”, standing your own ground?

Where and with whom do you feel challenged to practice setting boundaries?

What are you taking on that is not yours to carry?

Lunar Reflections: Full Moon Libra Round 2

How are you doing? Have you stopped to check in with your Self? Taken time to evaluate the different states of your being: your emotional, physical, and intellectual bodies? If things are going well note the environments that help you maintain this stride. Notice the people, the activities that make up this recipe for goodness. And then stop to appreciate, because, yes, you deserve it.

If things are not going as planned and the protocol remains the same, notice the barriers you are met with, the relationships or lack thereof for that matter. What could be revised to improve your situation? As I write I will share that I proudly claim being in the latter group. A discomfort and tension is present in my days; and the invitation beckons, would you like to exist in a different way? How can I meet these obstacles and consciously choose what I want to do -- what I want to involve myself in.

I am fascinated by the lessons of Self/partnership/community. Notice how your life is so intimately shaped by the world around you, the outside forces; shaped by the people you spend your day with. This truth is rooted in the heart of the lessons from Aries (Self) and Libra (partnership). Change comes from a decision made by Self, yet life is made of interactions and bonds that we must honor. We root ourselves in the truth that the only thing we control is our own actions. By claiming ourselves and taking care of ourselves, we invite more meaningful relationships with room for expansion. If we fill our cup first we may then give to our relationships.

Take note on how you meet your obstacles. Do you rush in for complete annihilation, or do find yourself debilitated by fear? A long term aspect in Astrology affects us all and carries with it two polar energies -- Pluto and Saturn sit conjunct in Capricorn. Pluto, the warrior planet, wishes to kill the problem; to transcend. Yet the lessons of Saturn are slow moving, asking for time to thoughtfully bring change. It can feel a bit unproductive but there is also an opportunity to excel with this aspect, helping us to develop healthy habits that support our long-term growth.

This second Full Moon in Libra can help us clear the barriers of Self and relationships. The time is now, as the Earth warms and summer moves closer. What will you grow? What seeds did you plan at this New Moon? How are things growing? Can you make any changes to support this pursuit?

Self inflicted, self expanded

In the air lurks a craving of security, and like most cravings, is indicated by the absence of what it is we crave. Like the pull of water molecules in the sky, brought together to constellate one rain cloud, the focus on self and insecurities are gathering. Saturn touches the Moon and Sun and creates this craving of security, illuminating what we feel is lacking. It is interesting -- this New Moon in Aries shines a spotlight on growing seeds that align with Self. Yet the astrology informs that the New Moon will bring us in close vicinity with the limiting self-beliefs or habits that keep us from truly embodying this wisdom. Saturn squares both the Sun and the Moon, hinting at insecurities around Self and how we emotionally respond to the world around us.

This time of year invites us to return to Self; to rise up from the winter season. This time can cause us to experience tension in the present. There lies an impatience that accompanies spring -- a time where we feel energized by the longer days, ready to pursue our desires, yet lack the action and discipline to expend this energy. The seeds need time under soil before they appear above land.

A friend advised me the other night to practice reflecting in new ways. Begin to look at each situation from multiple vantage points. This can help us understand our rain cloud in a new way. And when we stop to think about it, it’s the rain of spring that brings the bounty of harvest to life.

This New Moon connects us with the vulnerable Self -- touching and seeing the inner critic who warns you that you are not worthy or ready to share yourself with the world. The sun symbolizes this distinct expression of ourselves that we want to share with the world. It is the main luminarie that keeps this planet in existence and in our charts this importance doesn’t change. When the sun squares saturn, astrology tells a story of the inner critic, claiming the stage and making us feel insecure about ourselves, the work we do, convincing us we aren’t ready to participate or share until our craft has been further perfected. Used efficiently this type of analytical review can help us refine and make shifts in our offerings, to be more reflective of our true nature.

Saturn square the moon configures a story of the wounded child, never having felt unconditional love, there can be a tendency to build walls to protect the sensitivity here. It was a protective instinct that then developed into habits. These habits or walls can keep one from ever having the confidence to venture into new relationships or scenarios where there is a possibility of hurt. As a moon saturn native, I had to laugh when I was reviewing this. I have a dirty history of staying in relationships, going back to old partnerships, and mostly because there can be a fear of getting to know someone new. The sensitivity is strong with this aspect and that means pain can feel intensified. The concept of unconditional love can feel like a fairytale concept and not an actual felt emotion. What is speaking to you right now? What asks for review in your life?

While we go through this review of self, of pain, this also unravels our participation in relationship. This is what the Aries/ Libra duo wish to teach us. We must begin with ourselves and only then can we expand into partnership.

So then we must ask,  how can we use this knowledge to assist us, guide us through to touch any suffering in a more compassionate way? It feels relevant to explore practices of self compassion. Naming the points of tension in our lives, the battle with self and how that is showing up in your life, or maybe the lack in partnership. What seeds will you plant this month, or what goals / strides are you currently working on?  Are these new strides attached with an underlying tone of aggression to self, trying to rid the undesired habit or part that we wish to disown? Or can we make these strides in a frame of thought that wishes to work alongside the affliction? The difference can look something like this. I am going to work out every day because I want to lose weight. Versus, I want to include physical movement in my days to honor my physical body, to prioritize my own health and take responsibility for this part of my life.

Take time to evaluate where you are, plant seeds that release the war between self. Let the magic of the dark sky inspire your senses.

Sultry Tension : Venus and Mars Square Off

A square in the cosmos

A balance in the sky

A focus on me

and yet somehow you arrived.

My impatience pulses and the fire grows

Yet she asks for me to slow

The more I force 

I stray off course 

Working against the present flow

When I quite down I suddenly know 

Where I am called to go

I need to focus on me

Yet my reality is shaped by you.

Im learning to exist in harmony

Between action and reflection

This is the paradox 

Illuminating my mind.

Spring has arrived and this season begins with an interesting astrological happening. Mars in Taurus and Venus in Aquarius square one another.

How do we translate this into lay terms? Mars- masculine energy, Venus - feminine energy are assumed to create some sort of tension (square). BUT it invites us to embody a deeper understanding of these two forces around us, within us, and from us.  Mars in Taurus wants to possess, wants to claim and take you in, make you part of his home that he has worked hard on. Venus in Aquarius shivers at the thoughts of confinement. Until she understands your motives, trusts that you will not try to own her she will remain out of grasp. There is a natural pull to be together in this time, a craving of partnership yet a desire of different things keeps the two from connection. I would imagine that whatever is standing in the way from a fulfilling partnership will reveal itself to you, aching like a wedged splinter under the skin. 

Have you ever watched the dynamics between two lovers in sync, one assumes the role of the pursuer, and the other the chased, one leads with action and the other submits to follow. Or maybe you have been involved in a display of dominance, neither wishing to step down. Or the opposite, neither willing to step up. 

The other night I felt these happening in such an intense way. I was having conversation with a male and he was curiously asking questions. His curiosity was fueled with action, not pausing between answers, instead questions continued firing. I found myself shutting down, intimidated by this rapid firing, this pursuit of knowledge. With no pause between, I wondered the motive, are you trying to understand me or simply asking for your own curiosity. 

Luckily awareness was found in this tension, conversation unraveled each point of view and a new discovery began to digest through me. 

Be watchful of scenarios like these, of the impatience of Mars and his desires, of the passive nature of Venus and her craving of harmony. 

Watch the world around you and see the beautiful chemistry the two create. When tension arrives understand what it asks of you. 

Spring Equinox : Full Moon Relections

to be so broken 

to have


so deeply

that the only thing

you can do 



into a new you

Yung Pueblo

The Fool: Card pulled for this full moon

To begin, I gather every ounce of braveness I can muster and step blindly into the unknown exchanging my doubt for faith seems to be the only resolve.

It was interesting to me when I sat down to write about this months astrology insights, I pulled the Fool in tarot which is the first of the major arcana cards. The story is of a innocent young wanderer who is almost stepping off the cliff. There is a naive quality surrounding this spirit but it is from this place that bravery emerges, believing in the possibility of the future without the fears of failure and danger that our journey teaches us.

We all have years of history that only help inform this beginning. Years of direct experience and intimacy with this life, so although we begin, we begin a bit wiser exactly where we are. In the depths of winter we can witness what has solidified and what was not able to withstand the intensity of the cold and darkness that winter brings.

The lesson of Aries connects us back to our own passions and desires. We are confronted with the paradox of connectedness and individuality all existing in the same truth. Claiming this individuality has been so powerful in my life. Allowing myself to follow the topics that interest me, releasing the notions of how I ought to be and instead trusting my own journey. This is where we use Astrology to turn inwards and reflect on the conscious evolutions of each of the signs, of the different aspects of ourselves.  

The sign of Aries emerges with fire guiding him, this story is told of the brave and innocent warrior who felt his existence in a strong way. For those of us on our spiritual journey perhaps we have gone through the battle of the ego, noticing its presence, rejecting it trying to find sublime peace, and then needing to reclaim it. This is the paradox that life presents to us.

This life we live, this body we inhabit is spectacularly unique to us, yet there is no question on our connectedness. Everyday we are shaped by the experiences outside of ourselves, and this realization unites the isolation we can trick ourselves into. This is the mission of the Aries and Libra duo. Of me vs we, of self and partnership.

Claiming yourself is not selfish, it is not vain. Following your interests is part of owning this gift of existence. Reconnecting to your body, to the physical nature of being human is part of this rich curriculum and can help untangle the tales of the intellectual mind.

As Spring begins the question is asked of you, what will you begin? What will you choose to involve yourself in? The Full moon in Libra begins the Sun cycle of Aries providing us with a dose of the Libra medicine, Arie’s elixir. Perhaps encouraging us to look at our relationships, to look at how we interact with life and evaluate if this holds true to your Self.

For me a major lesson I am learning is entering into relationship while still holding boundaries for myself. I have witnessed the quick disregard of hobbies and schedules to mold into the person holding my attention. I have felt the traces of abandonment that was inflicted upon myself by myself, when I disregarded those boundaries. I have felt inhibited by action by considering what others thought of me. This is the paradox to be reflected upon this month. How do we own our individuality and then also provide and support that in our partnerships?

This moon in particular has themes of the masculine and feminine. Mars and Venus square one another which in astrology translates to tension aimed at expansion. It's interesting to me that this is occuring during the Spring Equinox, during the season of the year when night and day hold equal time in the night sky, yet there is an indication that there will be tension between the two. The masculine helps us to bring action to manifest what we desire, and the feminine allows for the reflection to correctly pursue this. If right now in your life relationship and partnership feels heavy, this could be a key to evaluating your attitude around this duo. Around the partner you are with, and the partner you play. If lessons of avoidance or impulsiveness resonate with you, exploring the strengths of each of these energies, the yin and yang, could reveal overuse in one and a chance to explore the benefits of the opposite.

The time of year slowly eases into a more Yang season, everyday a step closer to summer, to the peak of sunny days. The animals leave hibernation and the plants will begin to blossom. The same can be true for ourselves. In Ayurveda this is an ideal time to cleanse the body. To enter into this new season with physical health will only help us in our new pursuits. Adding more greens into our diet, ginger tea between meals, and perhaps a more vegetable based diet will help us shed the winter excess and the body.

Dark Moon Evolution

Pursuing you in your transitions,
In other Motes --
Of other Myths
Your requisition be.
The Prism never held the Hues,
It only heard them play --

Emily Dickinson

Do you ever pause to notice the transition of something. To watch as it becomes something new entirely. I think that’s why we are drawn to the rising and setting of the sun.. The transition of life, of the seasons, and even the mundane transitions from day to day, have the ability to fascinate the mind and begin to understand the complexity of existence. Our ability to adapt astounds me and was something I noted as my life changed entirely while living in Costa Rica. Of course it’s not always graceful or pleasant, personally I claim opposite to be true, but after that discomfort you begin to acclimate and adjust, and suddenly you exist differently with ease.

As we all find ourselves in Pisces season and the upcoming New Moon we feeling the reality of winter, yet we know that Spring is around the corner. This sign is known for being a mutable sign meaning it adapts to its environment, which requires a heightened sensitivity to transform accordingly. I write from my own perspective, shaped and influenced by my surroundings, interpreting this astrology. My attention and reflection are drawn to the transition remembering the choice in becoming.

What are the habits and routines of your day? Mine change periodically, typically influenced by what is sparking the fire within. But as a Pisces, I found that habits and routines keep me rooted, remind me to watch what I am becoming and bring me back into the body, instead of simply floating along. When I do this I can have choice in how I evolve which is guaranteed to happen by nature of existence. The reality we live in is rich with material to work with, and spirituality can be found here, this is the antidote to the wandering nature of Pisces. Taking care of your responsibilities is part of claiming and owning the life you live, not assuming someone else to pick up after you.

It was entertaining for me to watch how two weeks of vacation and an absence of routine quickly changed the dynamics of my day. I had made an intentional choice to relax the routine and instead allow the freedom of an unplanned day take me. But I feel it, and now as I have arrived back home I slowly begin, again. Holding myself accountable and sculpting the routines of my day. Giving myself time to digest, to breathe into it, coming back to a familiar place yet feeling mysteriously different.

How can this new moon help you understand the boundaries you need to give your creativity a container, a home. What ways do you give away your power and ownership of your life? Spring is right around the corner, and the white will soon become green. Watch closely to witness this magic.

Celebration of the Night: Full Moon Rising

Do those scars cover the whole of you, like stars and the moons in the sky?

I ask you right here to agree with me that a scar is never ugly.

That is what the scar makers want us to think.

But you and I, we must make an agreement to defy them.

We must see all scars as beauty. This will be our secret.

Because take it from me, a scar does not form on the dying.
A scar means, I survived.

-Chris Cleave

Last week most of us celebrated Valentine’s day. It has me reflecting on love: the ways I feel supported, the way that love receives me, becomes me, and then expresses through me. One thing stands out and that is the people who have stood by my side and seen me for more than a decision or action, who can grasp the whole of my existence, the innocence of my intentions and find grace for me when I have a hard day or make an unfavorable choice (there have been plenty). This type of loyalty, grace, and love nourish me and provide comfort during the storms of doubt and despair. I find this relevant to mention as Chiron changes signs into Aries on the same day as the full moon February 19.


In astrology Chiron is the wounded healer. Symbolized by the key, he reminds us that our wounds are the gateway to our genius. He asks to us to exude this type of loyalty, grace, and love towards ourselves and embrace the many aspects of our existence. When we think in this way perhaps we can begin to form a curiosity around our imbalances, around the aspects of ourselves that we disregard or disown. In the physical body, imbalance or disease is the perfect place to begin. In Ayurveda we understand that disease comes from a perpetual imbalance that has penetrated the layers of the body and manifested in a unique way. Now, we can search for the prescription that brings relief to these symptoms which is fine, but that will not address the actions that contributed to creating this disease. Chiron is the key to understanding and embracing this. It requires more attention than the desire of a quick fix. The key to unlock the door to wholeness asks for commitment to the journey, it asks to be claimed and fully understood.I see this reflected in my own life in a baltant manner.


Before I began this voyage I imagined all that would change. I saw a version of myself carefree and tanned from the sun.Unafflicted from the hours of yoga and meditation. Mind free and blissed out, a tumeric glow surrounding my healthy self. But I walk away with so much more. I see that this journey was not meant to scrub away the unclaimed parts of myself. If anything my afflictions became clearer alone in the jungle, they asked to be claimed. I see that with my intensity provides me the ability to love in a deep way. I see that my anger is also expressed in passion and energy to pursue my dreams. I see that each day carries a weight and there is no amount of tumeric that promises bliss. I take with me lessons that the people and land of Costa Rica have taught me.Patience can be ripened, contentment found in every corner.The stories of travelers have filled me, forever shaping my existence

I walk away sunburnt, a few pounds heavier and humbled by all the things I don’t know.


While the moon grows brighter in the night sky we begin to evaluate the seeds we planted. What has been illuminated for you in 2019? And in these final days of Aquarius what have you learned about the unconventional, the path less traveled. There is a clarity with this sign that knows what it wants. How can you take these insights, these newfound freedoms and stabilize them so they can have a lasting affect. The astrology tells us that the planets grant us with the constructive intelligence to meet any obstacles or barriers with courage.


The sun will move into Pisces to complete Winter and spend time in the final zodiac sign. But is there really completion when everything is a cycle? The piscean nature would love to ponder this as their dreamy minds are consumed by seeing the interconnectedness in everything. The full moon in Virgo helps us to see the details in the dreams we wish to pursue. It sits Pisces down with her grand visions and begins to gently create a structured plan on how to make these wonderings more than fantasies. Together the duo is unstoppable.

Día de Los Enamorados : 2nd Quarter Moon

When doubt creeps in 

It stirs inside 

I twist and turn looking for comfort

The voice inside yells there is no hope 

It replays every cutting memory 

Tricking me into blissless defeat

Someone sees me writhing and mistakes it for a dance

How beautiful they say

I look for hints of disgust 

But only awe

So I begin to dance and give

Into the unsettling doubt

I make beautiful chaos

To express my agony 

I wake up wise

Nothing has changed

When I think back to the day of my accident, I meticulously review the events, searching for a clue, a warning sign of some sort. But there is nothing but a wonderful morning that preceded the storm. That is the paradox of life though, the existence of peace and chaos on the same breathe, this week will mirror this paradox .


The planets above tell a story of understanding and acceptance while the Sun and Jupiter are sextile, there is harmony available to us. Sextile in astrology = cohesive and attractive, think of the Color me Bad song a I wanna Sex (tile) you up. The sweet New Moon last week invited us to review our judgements and limitations of mind, to rise above and find connection in our differences. It’s no surprise to me that Black History Month is in February, the month of progressive minded Aquarius who tolerates no discrimination. In my life this has been extremely relevant as I was introduced to a few incredible individuals who shared with me pieces of their existence, of the history of black hair and what it means to go natural. I was also given Michelle Obamas book Becoming which of course shares insights into her life, and the amazing work her and Barack have done and continue to do to empower the impoverished, to reinstate hope in the waste of despair. I cannot change the color of my skin but I can begin to consider how I become part of the conversation, how I can become part of the change I wish to see. Protect these insights and steep them into your actions.


We have two planets changing signs this week which tends to spice up our lives and brings an element of instability. Mercury the planet of communication changes signs into mystical Pisces. A prolonged stay in this sign due to a retrograde hints to me that a dose of the mystical is needed. Time here invites us to dive deep, think of the ocean and the great mystery below the surface. Read poetry that takes you to this depths, journal the twisted thoughts and feelings that are part of you, there is a genius here wishing to be unleashed. Watch out for technical difficulties and smile when they appear, for they are gifts to return to now. Small details and analysis are not enhanced right now, play on your strengths.



Wednesday the day before Valentine's day should be in your radar. The practice of prudence will be your elixir to the impulsive and brash tones in the air.  Mars our warrior planet is about to change signs but the evening before the move, smells of mayhem. I find it funny to know that the planets are moving in such a way the day before the celebration of love. The astrology would describe the intimate meeting of Mars and Uranus as brash, impulsive, and heated. This is how we use astrology, to prepare for what is beyond our control. On wednesday wear your rose quartz, and meet the day with a gentleness, be slow with your reactions to counterbalance the energy above . Love is not about a conflict free relationship, but instead learning how to navigate difficulties in a mindful way, creating space for one another to authentically exist which means hard conversations from time to time.

In Costa Rica Valentine’s day is not solely focused romantic love but instead about friendship, a celebration of all of those you love and share relationship with. The Lovers Card in Tarot is defined by a unity and trust that empowers the other. For me I am beginning understand the difference between infatuation and love. I used to be flattered by the boyfriend who was protective and couldn’t bear time apart. But now I understand that this is not love, that is something else, something consuming. Let us remember the moral of the lovers and empower one another this week. The energy grows as the moon begins her second quarter, she asks us to unify our actions to sow the seeds we have planted at the new moon.

New Moon in Aqaurius

This month the astrology highlights Jupiter, the planet known for abundance, and his expansive nature.

What is it about air the has an element of chaos? During the past few months spent in Costa Rica I have witnessed the power of wind. 60 mph gusts of air mercilessly rip through the jungle. It is unpredictable, unruly, and untouchable. With no tangible form, our mind grasps to control it, but fails in frustration. Perhaps that speaks more to my own thoughts and tendencies. I never feared air as I had water or fire, but my respect for this element has blossomed. To witness any element in its most powerful form we begin to understand the makings of this Earth, and simultaneously realize how little we know and how powerless we are when measured against its elements.


This new moon in Aquarius invites us to embody the qualities of air. With the Sun and Moon in the constellation of Aquarius, there is a union in the night sky -- a predominance of this energy that welcomes us to explore and move through curiosities like the wind. The final air sign of the Zodiac wheel, Aquarius comes from Capricorn, who possesses a clarity around his work in this world. Capricorn practices diligence and routine, and is ready to expand --  to rise above without form to enhance his community. The archetype of Aquarius is the water bearer, often pictured as someone pouring water and observing. This speaks to the curious nature in Aquarius, tentatively watching and participating. His vision from above provide fresh insights as he is able to see where his limitations have held him back. He is becomes charged with creativity from time spent with others; listening to their ideas and stories. This particular New Moon longs for communication and expression as Mercury joins the Sun and Moon in Aquarius. Emotions can be tricky to explain. It is not easy to put to words these feelings that exist within. There have been many times where I tried to use words to paint the inner turmoil or bliss that filled my body and mind and failed miserably. However, when the planets align in this way I have noticed a clarity around how I construct the words to used communicate the complexities in my mind.


Stationed in the midst of Winter what reflections occupy your thoughts? What does the stillness and end of this lunar cycle triggered for you? How was the eclipse season for you? What do you wish to plant and nurture Spring? When we are in the middle of a season we have the unique ability to look back and see what has been and to look forward to the nearing of what approaches. This perspective gives us perseverance and appreciation for what is around us.


Do you participate in community? Do you show up to events beyond the comfort of family and close friends? Do you dare to pick up a book on a topic that you are not familiar with? My life in Costa Rica has challenged me to embrace this way of being. As I have been surrounded by people from different backgrounds, hobbies, etc, as I live in and work for a hotel that caters to a broad array of guests. On this journey I traded in the choice of selecting my company for the chance to meet people at random, our common thread being travel and sometimes only that. This has allowed me to see beyond my normal landscape and will forever shape the way I exist. I feel this experience is rooted in the lessons of Aquarius and the broadened view of community and members who exist in it. This moon enhances an emotional generosity towards others. Practice generosity within, recognize others and the gifts they possess, give words to these recognitions.

The square between mars and Pluto is still lingering in the air, smelling like power dynamics gone wrong. It is anger without reflection, a place of fear that consumes diplomacy  and calls it a waste of time. Watch out for intense situations and be careful how you stoke the fire. Both of these planets have warrior archetypes, Mars fights for what he believes and is guided by his instincts. Pluto, lord of the underworld willing and fearlessly goes into the dark in order to transform and understand the demons which hold him back. If you are confronted with forceful situations, practice the pause, bring in softness, remember the Ayurvedic guiding principles to balance, like increases like, and opposites relieve.

Third Quarter Moon: Stop and Go

There is a force of push and pull at the start of the week. An energy to move forward met by a resistance inhibiting any plans of progress. How do you deal with things beyond your control? Perhaps chanting the serenity prayer at the beginning of your day, asking for guidance to surrender to things beyond you.


I have noted that this periods of frustration can be transformed into creativity, given the right space. These tumultuous emotions provide rich soil of emotions and feelings to explore and touch. This stop and go eases up at the end of the week where qualities of Jupiter flavor our days. 


A trine between Jupiter and Mars points to forward movement. Mars always desires to forge ahead. This planet reveals emotions and feelings which lead to clarity around direction. When Jupiter and Mars dance in this way we have a promise of success at what we are seeking.


What was illuminated for you at the full moon? What did you learn from the lessons of Leo cluing us into our heart passion? Begin your actions with clear intentions and continue on, luck is on your side.


We have officially entered the season of air, all of us gifted with the intellect that Aquarius possess. The sun will stay in Aquarius for the next month, providing us with the space to embody the gifts of this air sign. 


As we are in the age of Aquarius we are asked how we can live as a community is a way that benefits the masses. This month is a good time to connect with community, attend group activities. Listen to the ideas of your neighbors, participate in the discussion. Allow space for your mind to weave around and discover new concepts.

First Quarter Moon : Unify Your Actions

The aroma of this New moon still lingers in the air and now asks us to shift our behavior to align with these intentions we wish to manifest. How can you sculpt your day to coordinate with these intentions? Capricorn reminds us that wishing upon a star is a nice thought, but if you wish to have something you must work to get it. Every action has a reaction.

Uranus stations direct  on the 6th, whenever this planet is in the mix he is sure to spice things up as Uranus represents sudden changes, breakthroughs and empowerment. If you look at pictures of Uranus, he spins on his side, moving in an unconventional way. That is why astrology encourages us to find our own rhythm and nurture this part of ourselves when this planet takes center stage. Uranus is a slow moving planet and takes 84 years to change signs, and this year Uranus takes his final steps in Aries as he prepares to get cozy in the sign of Taurus. Stay tuned on this one. Notice any impulses to defy the norm, to switch things up.

Venus is finally done with her time in Scorpio, an unusual amount of time was needed as retrograde gave Venus an extended stay here.  Venus is Scorpio assisted us to clear away the old skeletons we hoarded in our closet around intimacy and relationship. Now that she has undergone some serious transformation she is ready for a good time! Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday and this invites a much lighter, fun, explorative attitude into our relationships.

When Tuesday rolls around notice any opportunities knocking at your door, as this day is auspicious with some cosmic luck! Say yes to a date, or going out on a new adventure. On these days I always like to note what is presented to me.

The rest of the week encourages us to find a slower place. To remember that even the simplest of tasks invite us to practice mindfulness. Taking care of the life you have is a way to respect and honor yourSelf. How are you unifying your actions to sow the seeds you planted for this new moon? The Sun and Pluto reunite for their once a year ritual, unmasking the the shadows that lurk inside of you. Pluto wishes to transform you, and when paired with the Sun we are assisted in the shadow work, to continue to evolve and share our gifts. What impression will you leave on this world? The choice is yours.

Xxxx Sam

Dark Moon : Solar Eclipse

A day of rest; a time unplugged. What surfaces in stillness? I am curious what thoughts rise up for you, lure you to action, to distraction? What rises in the void?


The alignment of the planets tell a story of stillness and contemplation. It asks us to review the way we exist on this planet, to take ownership of the ways we build our obstacles and keep ourselves stuck, to tune into your values and recognize the things that vibrate in harmony with our morals. 

This week prepares us for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on January 5th. The Sun, Moon, Saturn and Pluto reside in the constellation of Capricorn, the final earth sign.

The night of New Years Eve was a funny one for me, I seemed to have caught a bug I call the Agitation flu. I carried a heaviness.  – some part of me afflicted by emotion. I started to practice looking within; giving myself permission to step away from social interaction to spend some time by myself. I took space to identify as best I could the emotions I was feeling, factors that contributed to this mood. As I sat there in my bitterness I reminded myself of the reality in universal suffering, to recall a patience and softness for others when they get the Agitation flu. 

I share this story because what I have learned from Capricorn is that life isn't always a jolly good time. And this final earth sign can shake apart what is not founded in truth. It unearths the bullshit we try to burry deep within. But this is a gift if we can work with it. A gift in solidifying goals, in ensuring integrity in action, and requiring a strong foundation.

Resist and find yourself cursing what is beyond your control. Surrender and tune in and trust in this unearthing.  

The Sun and Neptune coexist in a beautiful way right now, one gifting us singular focus as well as a heightened dream world. A lot of you have written to me telling me that you have been feeling the activation of Neptune in Pisces, giving us all access to the dream world of the fish. Although messages in dream world are riddled and construed in a manner that leaves logic at the road, time in this realm expands our minds and gives us shifted and refreshed views. Find the latest ritual to tap into both the logic and potential.

Obstacles as Opportunities Ritual 

Eclipse Preprations & Reflections

“Far and away the best prize life has to offer is working hard at work worth doing.”  - Teddy Roosevelt

The beginning of the year promises to start off checking our belief system, our relationship with authority and requiring we get serious about the hours we spend in our work. The month of January begins with a Solar Eclipse aka New Moon and finishes with a lunar eclipse aka Full Moon.


Here presents the opportunity to understand how your actions bring you closer or drift you further from your values. Saturn has a low tolerance for bull shit and WILL call you out for your shit. He understands the value of structure and authority. Uranus asks us to stray from the pack, to find our unique vibration. 


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With the sun and moon in Capricorn we gain clarity around the work we do. An amazing aspect in the cosmos which allows us to tap into a clarity in our work. The actions we take each day, the way we earn our money, It is not about the magnitude of the work, but about the motive, effort that drives us. As the final earth sign Capricorn wishes to align the actions of work and materialization in alignment with their morals. This sign is not one of impulse but instead provides us with the focus to reflect on the past year. To witness the stages of our unfolding and understand what we would like to draw in for this next year. Only from awareness do our actions begin to tell a different story.

To get a personal reading and understand where in your own birth chart this Eclipse is happening book a session here. $30 - Personal Eclipse Reading for both Solar & Lunar Eclipse. 

New Moon Sagittarrius

December befriends us yet again as it always does, immersing us in the Season of Sagittarius.

The season Sagittarius captures us and invites us explore the new and enjoy all of life's delights. After spending quite a bit of time in the dark womb of Scorpio we emerge, lighter and more clear. We have space from the purging that scorpio requires. We see the trees bare, naked without their leaves, inviting possibilities of spring. Sagittarius season is a time to enjoy the new, to appreciate the luxuries of life, and have a good laugh. One of my favorite attributes of the Sagis is their excellent sense of humor. 



I have noticed a satisfaction that enhances when I am learning and immersing myself in something new. For me as my Sag inspired goal, I have opted to practice my Spanish every day for at least 20 minutes. Learning a new language and living in a rural town I am fascinated by this community. Observing the differences as well as the similarities. I want to ask more questions and learn their stories but I currently speak at the level of a three year old, so patience and perseverance persist inside of me. 


Often times I think of Montana and the northern hemisphere experiencing winter. How we find ourselves with more time without all of the summer BBQs or invitations for outdoor adventures. Now that the darkness settles in, the possibilities await and question of how you will use this time presents itself. One of the ways that this zodiac sign feels satisfaction is from expansion of mind and experiences. The experience of the new reminds us of the bigger picture at play. It allows us to see from a new vantage point, enlarging our perspective. Like the satisfaction of climbing the uphill trail to appreciate the view from above. 



I would guess that our ancestors and the people before us characterized the Sagittarius as such by this enhancing curiosity of the new. This season beckons us to consider what brings us joy, to travel outside our comfort zones or even outside the country. It asks us to expand, and have fun doing it. As with all things have boundaries so you can enjoy but not get swept away by the flames of gluttony. To understand that any strength also presents the possibility of weakness is one to keep in mind. The need for growth in the Sag can also look like the endless pursuit of more. 



The new moon brings a synchronized approach as the sun and moon sit together in the constellation of this fire sign. We are invited to slow down and start to lengthen the space in between. In this space we can gain clarity for the seeds we wish to plant. Allow yourself to steep in the darkness. Taking bits and pieces from the lessons of the gypsy and personalizing them to fit your soil. 



Life is not happening to you, it is happening for you. 


Full Moon In Gemini

The word.



I imagine the desire to share an emotion began the creation of language.



A vocal expression which has the ability to convey, to share. 



The vibration leaves my lips and enters your ears, can you hear?



Discretion in choice, intention in voice.



These help me choose the word.



I dare not speak mindlessly for I understand the impression I can create.



As if I were choosing my lover, I carefully select the words I use.


The full moon in Gemini begins the start of Sagittarius season this coming Friday. This lunar cycle can feel unstable, charged, and erratic. You have probably seen a handful of memes warning of Mercury Retrograde, a time remembered for miscommunications, malfunctions, and misunderstandings. But it’s nothing we can’t handle as this planet journeys retrograde 4x a year. This retrograde is magnified in this full moon as Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini.



Gemini, the first air sign possess a wonderful well of curiosity, she longs to explore, to understand, to communicate. She teaches us the art of attention and inquisitive nature. She ventures outside her home to meet her neighbors, to understand the various characters who make up this planet. The more she learns the more she understands how different environments mold a person.



With this in mind I also want to mention Mars, as this planet is having a strong effect on many other planets at this time. Symptoms may include but are not limited to: Sudden outbursts, anger, hot headed, passion, increased physical stamina.



This full moon may tempt a sharp tongue, or bring your anger to center stage. But douse yourself in sweetness, or dulce as they say in Costa Rica. Use the Gemini curiosity to see, what stirs the emotions inside? What boundaries are being violated? Witness the characters of emotions that come to play on the Gemini full moon. Call to mind the art of patience. Write these thoughts down so you can reflect. And then, after the weekend perhaps take time to then express in a way that allows you to be heard.



I don’t know about you but sometimes when I get myself all hot and bothered I can spit fire and burn bridges. My message which has validity is tarnished because of my thoughtless approach. Have you heard of the shit sandwich? Well its a communication skills and goes like this,  when communicating difficult subjects, start with something good like your intention :I am bringing this up because you are someone I care for and wish to have a good relationship with, lay on the shit in a graceful way :however I must talk to your about your body odor it reminds of me a dead animal carcass and as your friend, I thinks best if you shower, finish with something good like a compliment: Plus you always have this glow about your after you shower, it's so hip!



If you would like to book a reading with me to see how this full moon is personally affecting you email me 


As I sit here and write this I just experienced a dispute that got the blood boiling. As I walked back to my casita aka place of residence I felt the heat and rage birth inside me. It wanted to make its presence known. I was reminded of the mental strength it takes to hold an angry tongue, and how I am writing to you all encouraging this. I definitely had to wrangle mine back in before it did too much damage. And I must admit, I didn’t hold my tongue completely.



Conflict and disputes are part of life though I suppose. How we respond is the juicy part. Or alternatively, perhaps you experience a more passive side to anger without ever allowing your voice to protest actions that are against your will. Instead, a boiling river of internal dialogue courses through you.



Asking for a pause or time to reflect this week is more than ok. Beware of the dangerous option to avoid revisiting the conversation. Use the body to help you, take the Gemini curiosity and feel where the anger is sourced. Where it is stored. Name it. See what happens, name it again, let it know you see it. 



Basically, I am telling you, where a practical outfit with lots of pockets (gemini need pockets for storing all the things) and something you don’t mind getting dirty in. Carry your favorite token to remind you of the dulce of life. And remember life is here for living.

In love, 


New Moon in Libra

Those who enter the gates of heaven are not beings who have no passion or who have curbed their passions, but those who have cultivated an understanding of them. - William Blake

As I prepare to leave Missoula, I want to continue to offer insights around how we can set intentions for each lunar cycle, how we can reflect on the fluctuations of life. So I will use technology as a bridge to stay in touch with you all.



October 8th at 9:47 PM MT the moon will be darkest as it resides in Libra with the Sun also stationed here, making this the New Moon ( Sun and Moon share a sign and the moon is dark) A time to plant intentions. The dark night provides a vast ocean possibilities that longs to become actualized, to be more than just an idea or thought.



Libra is ruled by Venus, a sign embodied by the feminine or yin energy. She focuses on relationships and partnership, expanding her consciousness to embody another, realizing the fulfillment that is experienced when partnership occurs.



This new moon is leavened with strong flavors of Scorpio adding a sharp flavor to the typically light Libra taste. Venus went retrograde in Scorpio on October 5th and will stay that way for 40 days and 40 nights. This planet (Venus) is the main character for the next while so understanding her lessons can be of great benefit specifically combined with the lessons from Scorpio.



Since Venus is in Scorpio we understand that this period will be experienced with strong themes of this powerful sign. Scorpio demands us to look into the darkness, to see the monsters, the insecurities, the traumas, that we often work to suppress and keep out of sight. She evolves once she has penetrated the many aspects of ourselves, understanding, and seeing. Only then can she purge and re-emerge liberated, that is why Scorpio is associated with the Phoenix, the bird that becomes from the ashes. She isn’t known to be graceful and light, but she can help you brave the storm, she gives your piercing sight to witness what is at hand.



We can merge the themes of Libra and Scorpio to understand how to set intentions for this month as well create a framework to process and stay aware for this next retrograde period.



What role do you usually claim in partnership? Are you the fixer, making sure everything is ok? Or are you receiver, listening and allowing the other to drive as you accompany for the ride? Look into your beliefs and biases around women. We all have them, perhaps you have been hurt and wounded by fierceness of a female. What is your common reaction when conflict arises in partnership? How can you invite more balance into your days? How do you show support to those you love?



Libra gifts us the intellectual skill of understanding there are two sides to every story, and can help us disengage from normal thinking that can be clouded by our biases. Every soul on this planet has a story that has sculpted them, that has designed the way they see and process life. Understand your own beautiful sculpture, your thought patterns, projections.



Allow yourself to reflect on these lessons and then tonight or tomorrow morning make time to establish the seeds you wish to grow this next lunar cycle.



If you are interested in understanding your personal chart and how this period will affect your please contact me as I have officially launched my astro-coaching lessons.



May we have the courage to face the aspects of ourselves we have neglected and feared. May we have compassion for ourselves and others. The world needs us now more than ever and change will only happen when we work together. In love. Sam

What your wounds are aching to tell you: Chiron

True maturation on the Spiritual path requires that we discover the depths of our wounds. - Jack Kornfield

This post will explore the concept of Chiron in our charts and how we can use it to learn about our wounds in order to heal. Let us begin by acknowledging the astrological term Chiron, a comet that flies between the planets Saturn and Uranus. Chiron is symbolic of the greek centaur who was a healer in his community but ironically was not able to heal himself. When we see Chiron in the chart it gives us a clue into some of the wounds we will be working with.



If you want to pull up your birth chart and find out what your chiron is click here.



The route of Chiron is significant orbiting between Saturn (symbolically associated with Capricorn) as well as Uranus (symbolically associated with Aquarius). Saturn requires boundaries, structure, rightful authority, time alone while Uranus is the rebellious planet, liberated, dismissing authority, a creator of chaos BECAUSE it knows that truth is indestructible, and symbolic of the collective community. An interesting route to take absorbing lessons from both.



But I will tell you something that is true for me, liberation comes from a deep understanding of self. With boundaries, and structure we are able to explore the different aspects of ourselves. We are able to promote a healthy environment for ourselves to do this work. I.e. When I wake up I do not go on social media until after 9 AM ensuring I have time to meditate and won’t be distracted by the pulls of social media.



I wrote a post last week around my accident (see instagram) and feel so much of it describes my exploration of my pain or wounds. After a neck injury there has been a new study of injury in the body, in the spine specifically. How the slow exploration of poses and accepting my restrictions (not turning my head all the way) changes the theme of my practice.



I have begun to explore a a more somatic approach to meditation which has provided me insight into PTSD. I watch how my body reacts when in a car, how stress has a designated pathway across my shoulders where it settles just below my injury. I see how a practice like Abhyangha soothes my nervous system, reminds me of my worthiness, and gives me a chance to intimately touch my body.



This curiosity and compassion to my wounds has been  monumental. I feel strongly compelled to encourage others to also take time to get to know this aspect of themselves. Everyone of us has experienced pain, has a unique story with gifts, and vulnerability  that make us perfectly imperfect. Our wounds can heal us, and the care and compassion of this lesson is key on this venture.