How to Cycle with the Moon

The potential to create new life is an expression of generosity. When we look at a woman’s body we get a first hand glance at this miracle. Even without kids the female spirit is fertile. Our physical bodies are largely influenced by this characteristic specifically when each month our bodies shed an egg or seed of life. Because of this, I think it is time that we acknowledged this mystical aspect of ourselves. I have experienced phases of my life where hormonal imbalance rocked my world, and not in the “cool” way. I have been on birth control and experienced the dramatic side effects and I have also experienced the cohesiveness of a balanced cycle.

Many cultures associated females with the moons, for example we have the  ancient seers who believed that a woman’s fertility, power and nurturing spirit were all linked to the lunar cycle, the Germans called menstrual blood “die Mond”, the moon. And the French called it “le moment de la lune”, the movement of the moon.  So, how can we use this ancient wisdom and sync with moon?

In the current era of life so many of us have lost touch with the rhythms of nature. Infused with technology, birth control, and other hormone disruptors many of us have symptoms that leave us feeling isolated, out of touch, and depressed. Times are changing and we are realizing the need to connect with nature, to resurface the traditions of our ancestors. Life works in a cyclic way and I would imagine that the peak of technology will be followed by the desire for venerable wisdom, retracing our roots and paying homage to the ancient ways.

Ayurveda teaches that women should aim to cycle on the new moon, or the dark nights of the month (no moon). By simply restoring the natural cycle of our periods to the moon we can find possible relief from unbalanced hormonal levels and other menstrual diseases such as endometreosis, PCOS, painful cramps, etc. There are plenty of ways to restore this connection to the moon and I have listed a few suggestions below.

Now, I know that we live in a  seemingly different world than our ancestors and it is not always realistic to take the week off during your moon cycle. However,  I have come to love my slower paced schedule that I gift myself during my moon. And there are many ways we can optimize on the cycles of our hormones. An app that I love, is called Myflo not only does it track your cycle but also gives food + exercise recommendations and provides an overview of what is going on with your hormones. It’s empowering to know what is going on with your body, allowing you the tools to cultivate balance from within.  It’s so unfortunate the shame that surrounds this topic. I know for years I hated the days I would bleed; I remember the shame I felt when I got my first period. Trying so hard to conceal what my body was experiencing. Nevertheless, healing is happening and it starts within each of us.

So How can you sync with the moon? Here are some suggestions to strengthen the Shakti prana and get in tune with la Lune:


Tips On How to sync with Moon:

  1. Pull out your phone and mark the dates for the new moons and full moons, set reminders a few days before to prepare.

  2. The week of the New Moon clear your schedule as much as possible. Allow your body and mind to rest and restore. This is the week we aim to bleed. Introspective activities are ideal (writing, journaling etc).

  3. The week of the Full Moon allow yourself to connect to your Queen. I love to pamper myself; pedicures, delicious meals, connecting with others.

  4. On the Full Moon take time to bask in her beauty. You can do this with your daughters, sisters, friends or perhaps you meditate under the moon.

  5. Explore the legacy of our mothers. Take a moment to realize the sacrifices your mother made, not only her physical body, but her life of raising you. Honoring and healing this relationship strengthens our Shakti prana and lunar attunement. If your relationship with your mother is toxic, perhaps pull to mind a mother figure or the symbolism behind the female nature. The animal kingdom and all living things are connected by female reproductivity.


I will end from a quote of a divine book called The Path of Practice. by Bri Maya Tiwari writes, “As their menstrual blood began to flow, they set themselves apart from the men and children to observe the sadhana of rest and replenishment. The new moon was a time when women temporarily shed the burden of their responsibilities to focus on self-renewal and self nurturing in a spirit of sisterhood and community.”


Let us nurture the sisterhood and community we live in.


*If you are in Missoula, I offer Moon classes that will offer a sacred time for lunar practices. You can find my schedule here. If you are looking for additional guidance please do reach out.