Eclipse Preprations & Reflections

“Far and away the best prize life has to offer is working hard at work worth doing.”  - Teddy Roosevelt

The beginning of the year promises to start off checking our belief system, our relationship with authority and requiring we get serious about the hours we spend in our work. The month of January begins with a Solar Eclipse aka New Moon and finishes with a lunar eclipse aka Full Moon.


Here presents the opportunity to understand how your actions bring you closer or drift you further from your values. Saturn has a low tolerance for bull shit and WILL call you out for your shit. He understands the value of structure and authority. Uranus asks us to stray from the pack, to find our unique vibration. 


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With the sun and moon in Capricorn we gain clarity around the work we do. An amazing aspect in the cosmos which allows us to tap into a clarity in our work. The actions we take each day, the way we earn our money, It is not about the magnitude of the work, but about the motive, effort that drives us. As the final earth sign Capricorn wishes to align the actions of work and materialization in alignment with their morals. This sign is not one of impulse but instead provides us with the focus to reflect on the past year. To witness the stages of our unfolding and understand what we would like to draw in for this next year. Only from awareness do our actions begin to tell a different story.

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