15 Signs Your Digestive Fire Is Weak

Today we have an endless stream of options when it comes to choosing the foods we eat. But with all of these options we have forgotten the wisdom of the body. We rely on coffee to stimulate digestion, we eat foods out of convenience versus satiation. So many of us live with symptoms of weak digestive fire, AKA Agni that our symptoms have become normalized.


For example these days we can walk into a grocery store and find strawberries in the dead of winter. Our ancestors did not have the luxury of choice and variety that we possess. We eliminated problems around food shortages, but in turn we introduced a whole new set of problems which have left us with weak digestion. Let’s return to the strawberry example. Now these strawberries most definitely were not grown locally if you live in United States, nor are they in season. Eating them actually throw off the natural rhythm your body is in. But most diets will encourage you to eat Strawberries simply because it is a fruit.


Strawberries in the winter may be beautiful but it is not a natural product of winter

You could be eating only fruits and veggies but if your digestive fire is not strong enough, you will not be absorbing the nutritional value of these foods. Ayurveda takes the phrase “You are what you eat” a step further and says, “You are what you digest”. So take a moment and run through this list of symptoms, if you have one or more than it is a fair assumption that you are dealing with weak digestion.


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15 signs that your Agni is weak

  1. Weight Gain

  2. Bloating after meals

  3. Burping or Gas (nope it’s normal)

  4. Loose stools or constipation

  5. Acne

  6. Stinky breath

  7. Coated tongue

  8. Allergies

  9. Candida

  10. PMS

  11. Unexplained brain fog

  12. Parasites

  13. Dry cracking skin

  14. Nausea

  15. Acidity or Heartburn


The first step to change is realizing there is a issue at hand. Ayurvedic offers a simple approach to diet that promotes strong Agni / digestive fire. This science regards every individual as unique and works to sync up with mother nature. If you are interested in learning more about Ayurveda or would like to learn about your body type take Joyful Belly’s Dosha Quiz. If you are in Missoula I will be offering a Spring Cleanse two part class with Missoula Herbalist Justene Sweet.