Summer In Review

Every time we move into a new season I find myself excited and dreaming up all of my plans that I can partake in. This Summer is not an exception, the nicer weather and heat draw me to the water and activities where I can enjoy the sun and excess time outside. These days I also bring that attention, inwards. My current studies in Yogastrology set me up for these types of learning opportunities. Regardless if you believe in astrology or use it as a tool, I have never felt a loss after exploring the lessons Dianne has choreographed in our monthly lessons. Weather the month is themed around boundaries and healthy habits, or how we partake in community or family, I ALWAYS leave feeling fulfilled and curious. We all have special interests and talents, and introspection and exploration into the more subtle is a “thing” of mine.

I wanted to share with you some tips I am practicing this summer.


  • Slow wins the race.

After the death of two major figures in our society Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade I wondered what I could do personally to be part of the solution to this problem in our society. I decided what was in my control was to give myself time to digest my life. In every aspect, physically, mentally, emotionally. I saw how when I am moving fast I will hop onto the next thing, excitement about a new adventure I would soon find myself burnt out and in similar themed lessons. Like I hadn’t learned my lesson and was just playing out the same scenario in a different context. So right now to bring in the opposite quality I vow to move slower. In honor of myself and others, I will make sure to give myself time to process.

  • Foundation is fundamental

In yoga we learn how essential it is to have a strong core, how much more our practice can expand when we have this foundation. Similarly, houses are built from the ground up with a strong foundation. We see this constantly in the world around us, so it is probably something we as human beings can also integrate into our belief system. Foundation. Our physical bodies are part of that foundation. Hydrating our bodies even more so in the heat, feeding our bodies the fuel that benefits us. The past month I was having too much fun and jeopardizing my sleep. It quickly affected my digestion and the cycle begins. Let’s acknowledge the facts of Summer. It’s hot, there is more alcohol around, the sun is out for longer. Alcohol is dehydrating, these are facts, so be smart and make sure if you drink Alcohol you counter that with double hydration. Seriously, we are instantly happier after hydrating these fine bodies. Food, we are lucky because it is salad and smoothie season. We aren’t locked to the kitchen this season and can eat a fresher diet. Check out Ayurvedic suggestions for the summer season to stalk up on cooling foods for Summer.

  • Setting aside time for reflection.

This summer season is full of retrogrades in the astrology world and retrogrades are all about reviewing, going over the past. These retrograde periods invite us to move on from our habits or ways of attracting the same lesson over and over again. We can slow down, take inventory and have choice in the direction we take our lives. Jack Kornfield, one of my favorite authors writes about these times of reflection, stopping to ask yourself is there heart in this path? Are you spending your time and energy doing the things that are in alignment with your heart? He writes that in the end the only three things that matter are: How well you lived, how well you loved, how well you have learned to let go. So perhaps keep this checklist around when you take time for reflection.