Third Quarter Moon: Stop and Go

There is a force of push and pull at the start of the week. An energy to move forward met by a resistance inhibiting any plans of progress. How do you deal with things beyond your control? Perhaps chanting the serenity prayer at the beginning of your day, asking for guidance to surrender to things beyond you.


I have noted that this periods of frustration can be transformed into creativity, given the right space. These tumultuous emotions provide rich soil of emotions and feelings to explore and touch. This stop and go eases up at the end of the week where qualities of Jupiter flavor our days. 


A trine between Jupiter and Mars points to forward movement. Mars always desires to forge ahead. This planet reveals emotions and feelings which lead to clarity around direction. When Jupiter and Mars dance in this way we have a promise of success at what we are seeking.


What was illuminated for you at the full moon? What did you learn from the lessons of Leo cluing us into our heart passion? Begin your actions with clear intentions and continue on, luck is on your side.


We have officially entered the season of air, all of us gifted with the intellect that Aquarius possess. The sun will stay in Aquarius for the next month, providing us with the space to embody the gifts of this air sign. 


As we are in the age of Aquarius we are asked how we can live as a community is a way that benefits the masses. This month is a good time to connect with community, attend group activities. Listen to the ideas of your neighbors, participate in the discussion. Allow space for your mind to weave around and discover new concepts.