Dark Moon : Solar Eclipse

A day of rest; a time unplugged. What surfaces in stillness? I am curious what thoughts rise up for you, lure you to action, to distraction? What rises in the void?


The alignment of the planets tell a story of stillness and contemplation. It asks us to review the way we exist on this planet, to take ownership of the ways we build our obstacles and keep ourselves stuck, to tune into your values and recognize the things that vibrate in harmony with our morals. 

This week prepares us for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on January 5th. The Sun, Moon, Saturn and Pluto reside in the constellation of Capricorn, the final earth sign.

The night of New Years Eve was a funny one for me, I seemed to have caught a bug I call the Agitation flu. I carried a heaviness.  – some part of me afflicted by emotion. I started to practice looking within; giving myself permission to step away from social interaction to spend some time by myself. I took space to identify as best I could the emotions I was feeling, factors that contributed to this mood. As I sat there in my bitterness I reminded myself of the reality in universal suffering, to recall a patience and softness for others when they get the Agitation flu. 

I share this story because what I have learned from Capricorn is that life isn't always a jolly good time. And this final earth sign can shake apart what is not founded in truth. It unearths the bullshit we try to burry deep within. But this is a gift if we can work with it. A gift in solidifying goals, in ensuring integrity in action, and requiring a strong foundation.

Resist and find yourself cursing what is beyond your control. Surrender and tune in and trust in this unearthing.  

The Sun and Neptune coexist in a beautiful way right now, one gifting us singular focus as well as a heightened dream world. A lot of you have written to me telling me that you have been feeling the activation of Neptune in Pisces, giving us all access to the dream world of the fish. Although messages in dream world are riddled and construed in a manner that leaves logic at the road, time in this realm expands our minds and gives us shifted and refreshed views. Find the latest ritual to tap into both the logic and potential.

Obstacles as Opportunities Ritual