First Quarter Moon : Unify Your Actions

The aroma of this New moon still lingers in the air and now asks us to shift our behavior to align with these intentions we wish to manifest. How can you sculpt your day to coordinate with these intentions? Capricorn reminds us that wishing upon a star is a nice thought, but if you wish to have something you must work to get it. Every action has a reaction.

Uranus stations direct  on the 6th, whenever this planet is in the mix he is sure to spice things up as Uranus represents sudden changes, breakthroughs and empowerment. If you look at pictures of Uranus, he spins on his side, moving in an unconventional way. That is why astrology encourages us to find our own rhythm and nurture this part of ourselves when this planet takes center stage. Uranus is a slow moving planet and takes 84 years to change signs, and this year Uranus takes his final steps in Aries as he prepares to get cozy in the sign of Taurus. Stay tuned on this one. Notice any impulses to defy the norm, to switch things up.

Venus is finally done with her time in Scorpio, an unusual amount of time was needed as retrograde gave Venus an extended stay here.  Venus is Scorpio assisted us to clear away the old skeletons we hoarded in our closet around intimacy and relationship. Now that she has undergone some serious transformation she is ready for a good time! Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday and this invites a much lighter, fun, explorative attitude into our relationships.

When Tuesday rolls around notice any opportunities knocking at your door, as this day is auspicious with some cosmic luck! Say yes to a date, or going out on a new adventure. On these days I always like to note what is presented to me.

The rest of the week encourages us to find a slower place. To remember that even the simplest of tasks invite us to practice mindfulness. Taking care of the life you have is a way to respect and honor yourSelf. How are you unifying your actions to sow the seeds you planted for this new moon? The Sun and Pluto reunite for their once a year ritual, unmasking the the shadows that lurk inside of you. Pluto wishes to transform you, and when paired with the Sun we are assisted in the shadow work, to continue to evolve and share our gifts. What impression will you leave on this world? The choice is yours.

Xxxx Sam