Spring Equinox : Full Moon Relections

to be so broken 

to have


so deeply

that the only thing

you can do 



into a new you

Yung Pueblo

The Fool: Card pulled for this full moon

To begin, I gather every ounce of braveness I can muster and step blindly into the unknown exchanging my doubt for faith seems to be the only resolve.

It was interesting to me when I sat down to write about this months astrology insights, I pulled the Fool in tarot which is the first of the major arcana cards. The story is of a innocent young wanderer who is almost stepping off the cliff. There is a naive quality surrounding this spirit but it is from this place that bravery emerges, believing in the possibility of the future without the fears of failure and danger that our journey teaches us.

We all have years of history that only help inform this beginning. Years of direct experience and intimacy with this life, so although we begin, we begin a bit wiser exactly where we are. In the depths of winter we can witness what has solidified and what was not able to withstand the intensity of the cold and darkness that winter brings.

The lesson of Aries connects us back to our own passions and desires. We are confronted with the paradox of connectedness and individuality all existing in the same truth. Claiming this individuality has been so powerful in my life. Allowing myself to follow the topics that interest me, releasing the notions of how I ought to be and instead trusting my own journey. This is where we use Astrology to turn inwards and reflect on the conscious evolutions of each of the signs, of the different aspects of ourselves.  

The sign of Aries emerges with fire guiding him, this story is told of the brave and innocent warrior who felt his existence in a strong way. For those of us on our spiritual journey perhaps we have gone through the battle of the ego, noticing its presence, rejecting it trying to find sublime peace, and then needing to reclaim it. This is the paradox that life presents to us.

This life we live, this body we inhabit is spectacularly unique to us, yet there is no question on our connectedness. Everyday we are shaped by the experiences outside of ourselves, and this realization unites the isolation we can trick ourselves into. This is the mission of the Aries and Libra duo. Of me vs we, of self and partnership.

Claiming yourself is not selfish, it is not vain. Following your interests is part of owning this gift of existence. Reconnecting to your body, to the physical nature of being human is part of this rich curriculum and can help untangle the tales of the intellectual mind.

As Spring begins the question is asked of you, what will you begin? What will you choose to involve yourself in? The Full moon in Libra begins the Sun cycle of Aries providing us with a dose of the Libra medicine, Arie’s elixir. Perhaps encouraging us to look at our relationships, to look at how we interact with life and evaluate if this holds true to your Self.

For me a major lesson I am learning is entering into relationship while still holding boundaries for myself. I have witnessed the quick disregard of hobbies and schedules to mold into the person holding my attention. I have felt the traces of abandonment that was inflicted upon myself by myself, when I disregarded those boundaries. I have felt inhibited by action by considering what others thought of me. This is the paradox to be reflected upon this month. How do we own our individuality and then also provide and support that in our partnerships?

This moon in particular has themes of the masculine and feminine. Mars and Venus square one another which in astrology translates to tension aimed at expansion. It's interesting to me that this is occuring during the Spring Equinox, during the season of the year when night and day hold equal time in the night sky, yet there is an indication that there will be tension between the two. The masculine helps us to bring action to manifest what we desire, and the feminine allows for the reflection to correctly pursue this. If right now in your life relationship and partnership feels heavy, this could be a key to evaluating your attitude around this duo. Around the partner you are with, and the partner you play. If lessons of avoidance or impulsiveness resonate with you, exploring the strengths of each of these energies, the yin and yang, could reveal overuse in one and a chance to explore the benefits of the opposite.

The time of year slowly eases into a more Yang season, everyday a step closer to summer, to the peak of sunny days. The animals leave hibernation and the plants will begin to blossom. The same can be true for ourselves. In Ayurveda this is an ideal time to cleanse the body. To enter into this new season with physical health will only help us in our new pursuits. Adding more greens into our diet, ginger tea between meals, and perhaps a more vegetable based diet will help us shed the winter excess and the body.