Sultry Tension : Venus and Mars Square Off

A square in the cosmos

A balance in the sky

A focus on me

and yet somehow you arrived.

My impatience pulses and the fire grows

Yet she asks for me to slow

The more I force 

I stray off course 

Working against the present flow

When I quite down I suddenly know 

Where I am called to go

I need to focus on me

Yet my reality is shaped by you.

Im learning to exist in harmony

Between action and reflection

This is the paradox 

Illuminating my mind.

Spring has arrived and this season begins with an interesting astrological happening. Mars in Taurus and Venus in Aquarius square one another.

How do we translate this into lay terms? Mars- masculine energy, Venus - feminine energy are assumed to create some sort of tension (square). BUT it invites us to embody a deeper understanding of these two forces around us, within us, and from us.  Mars in Taurus wants to possess, wants to claim and take you in, make you part of his home that he has worked hard on. Venus in Aquarius shivers at the thoughts of confinement. Until she understands your motives, trusts that you will not try to own her she will remain out of grasp. There is a natural pull to be together in this time, a craving of partnership yet a desire of different things keeps the two from connection. I would imagine that whatever is standing in the way from a fulfilling partnership will reveal itself to you, aching like a wedged splinter under the skin. 

Have you ever watched the dynamics between two lovers in sync, one assumes the role of the pursuer, and the other the chased, one leads with action and the other submits to follow. Or maybe you have been involved in a display of dominance, neither wishing to step down. Or the opposite, neither willing to step up. 

The other night I felt these happening in such an intense way. I was having conversation with a male and he was curiously asking questions. His curiosity was fueled with action, not pausing between answers, instead questions continued firing. I found myself shutting down, intimidated by this rapid firing, this pursuit of knowledge. With no pause between, I wondered the motive, are you trying to understand me or simply asking for your own curiosity. 

Luckily awareness was found in this tension, conversation unraveled each point of view and a new discovery began to digest through me. 

Be watchful of scenarios like these, of the impatience of Mars and his desires, of the passive nature of Venus and her craving of harmony. 

Watch the world around you and see the beautiful chemistry the two create. When tension arrives understand what it asks of you.