Dark Moon Evolution

Pursuing you in your transitions,
In other Motes --
Of other Myths
Your requisition be.
The Prism never held the Hues,
It only heard them play --

Emily Dickinson

Do you ever pause to notice the transition of something. To watch as it becomes something new entirely. I think that’s why we are drawn to the rising and setting of the sun.. The transition of life, of the seasons, and even the mundane transitions from day to day, have the ability to fascinate the mind and begin to understand the complexity of existence. Our ability to adapt astounds me and was something I noted as my life changed entirely while living in Costa Rica. Of course it’s not always graceful or pleasant, personally I claim opposite to be true, but after that discomfort you begin to acclimate and adjust, and suddenly you exist differently with ease.

As we all find ourselves in Pisces season and the upcoming New Moon we feeling the reality of winter, yet we know that Spring is around the corner. This sign is known for being a mutable sign meaning it adapts to its environment, which requires a heightened sensitivity to transform accordingly. I write from my own perspective, shaped and influenced by my surroundings, interpreting this astrology. My attention and reflection are drawn to the transition remembering the choice in becoming.

What are the habits and routines of your day? Mine change periodically, typically influenced by what is sparking the fire within. But as a Pisces, I found that habits and routines keep me rooted, remind me to watch what I am becoming and bring me back into the body, instead of simply floating along. When I do this I can have choice in how I evolve which is guaranteed to happen by nature of existence. The reality we live in is rich with material to work with, and spirituality can be found here, this is the antidote to the wandering nature of Pisces. Taking care of your responsibilities is part of claiming and owning the life you live, not assuming someone else to pick up after you.

It was entertaining for me to watch how two weeks of vacation and an absence of routine quickly changed the dynamics of my day. I had made an intentional choice to relax the routine and instead allow the freedom of an unplanned day take me. But I feel it, and now as I have arrived back home I slowly begin, again. Holding myself accountable and sculpting the routines of my day. Giving myself time to digest, to breathe into it, coming back to a familiar place yet feeling mysteriously different.

How can this new moon help you understand the boundaries you need to give your creativity a container, a home. What ways do you give away your power and ownership of your life? Spring is right around the corner, and the white will soon become green. Watch closely to witness this magic.