Lunar Reflections: Full Moon Libra Round 2

How are you doing? Have you stopped to check in with your Self? Taken time to evaluate the different states of your being: your emotional, physical, and intellectual bodies? If things are going well note the environments that help you maintain this stride. Notice the people, the activities that make up this recipe for goodness. And then stop to appreciate, because, yes, you deserve it.

If things are not going as planned and the protocol remains the same, notice the barriers you are met with, the relationships or lack thereof for that matter. What could be revised to improve your situation? As I write I will share that I proudly claim being in the latter group. A discomfort and tension is present in my days; and the invitation beckons, would you like to exist in a different way? How can I meet these obstacles and consciously choose what I want to do -- what I want to involve myself in.

I am fascinated by the lessons of Self/partnership/community. Notice how your life is so intimately shaped by the world around you, the outside forces; shaped by the people you spend your day with. This truth is rooted in the heart of the lessons from Aries (Self) and Libra (partnership). Change comes from a decision made by Self, yet life is made of interactions and bonds that we must honor. We root ourselves in the truth that the only thing we control is our own actions. By claiming ourselves and taking care of ourselves, we invite more meaningful relationships with room for expansion. If we fill our cup first we may then give to our relationships.

Take note on how you meet your obstacles. Do you rush in for complete annihilation, or do find yourself debilitated by fear? A long term aspect in Astrology affects us all and carries with it two polar energies -- Pluto and Saturn sit conjunct in Capricorn. Pluto, the warrior planet, wishes to kill the problem; to transcend. Yet the lessons of Saturn are slow moving, asking for time to thoughtfully bring change. It can feel a bit unproductive but there is also an opportunity to excel with this aspect, helping us to develop healthy habits that support our long-term growth.

This second Full Moon in Libra can help us clear the barriers of Self and relationships. The time is now, as the Earth warms and summer moves closer. What will you grow? What seeds did you plan at this New Moon? How are things growing? Can you make any changes to support this pursuit?