Self inflicted, self expanded

In the air lurks a craving of security, and like most cravings, is indicated by the absence of what it is we crave. Like the pull of water molecules in the sky, brought together to constellate one rain cloud, the focus on self and insecurities are gathering. Saturn touches the Moon and Sun and creates this craving of security, illuminating what we feel is lacking. It is interesting -- this New Moon in Aries shines a spotlight on growing seeds that align with Self. Yet the astrology informs that the New Moon will bring us in close vicinity with the limiting self-beliefs or habits that keep us from truly embodying this wisdom. Saturn squares both the Sun and the Moon, hinting at insecurities around Self and how we emotionally respond to the world around us.

This time of year invites us to return to Self; to rise up from the winter season. This time can cause us to experience tension in the present. There lies an impatience that accompanies spring -- a time where we feel energized by the longer days, ready to pursue our desires, yet lack the action and discipline to expend this energy. The seeds need time under soil before they appear above land.

A friend advised me the other night to practice reflecting in new ways. Begin to look at each situation from multiple vantage points. This can help us understand our rain cloud in a new way. And when we stop to think about it, it’s the rain of spring that brings the bounty of harvest to life.

This New Moon connects us with the vulnerable Self -- touching and seeing the inner critic who warns you that you are not worthy or ready to share yourself with the world. The sun symbolizes this distinct expression of ourselves that we want to share with the world. It is the main luminarie that keeps this planet in existence and in our charts this importance doesn’t change. When the sun squares saturn, astrology tells a story of the inner critic, claiming the stage and making us feel insecure about ourselves, the work we do, convincing us we aren’t ready to participate or share until our craft has been further perfected. Used efficiently this type of analytical review can help us refine and make shifts in our offerings, to be more reflective of our true nature.

Saturn square the moon configures a story of the wounded child, never having felt unconditional love, there can be a tendency to build walls to protect the sensitivity here. It was a protective instinct that then developed into habits. These habits or walls can keep one from ever having the confidence to venture into new relationships or scenarios where there is a possibility of hurt. As a moon saturn native, I had to laugh when I was reviewing this. I have a dirty history of staying in relationships, going back to old partnerships, and mostly because there can be a fear of getting to know someone new. The sensitivity is strong with this aspect and that means pain can feel intensified. The concept of unconditional love can feel like a fairytale concept and not an actual felt emotion. What is speaking to you right now? What asks for review in your life?

While we go through this review of self, of pain, this also unravels our participation in relationship. This is what the Aries/ Libra duo wish to teach us. We must begin with ourselves and only then can we expand into partnership.

So then we must ask,  how can we use this knowledge to assist us, guide us through to touch any suffering in a more compassionate way? It feels relevant to explore practices of self compassion. Naming the points of tension in our lives, the battle with self and how that is showing up in your life, or maybe the lack in partnership. What seeds will you plant this month, or what goals / strides are you currently working on?  Are these new strides attached with an underlying tone of aggression to self, trying to rid the undesired habit or part that we wish to disown? Or can we make these strides in a frame of thought that wishes to work alongside the affliction? The difference can look something like this. I am going to work out every day because I want to lose weight. Versus, I want to include physical movement in my days to honor my physical body, to prioritize my own health and take responsibility for this part of my life.

Take time to evaluate where you are, plant seeds that release the war between self. Let the magic of the dark sky inspire your senses.