Full Moon Scorpio: When the boundary was broken

Full Moon in Scorpio Insights and Reflections

Have you taken a moment to notice the blooming of Spring? It always seems to happen so rapidly, one day the trees still bare from Winter are suddenly covered and decorated with leaves and blossoms. I find myself sticking my nose into any blossom available trying to absorb the scent of these vibrant plants! The looming summer heat that puts an end to the delicate blossoms creates an urgency to soak it all in, not wanting the goodness to end.

I have paused from writing whilst integrate back into life in Missoula. But a Scorpio Full Moon draws me to wake from my slumber and share some astrological insights and reflections. This full moon, quite lovely in the sky, tells a tale of unity. The past few months hold some interesting aspects between Mars (masculine, action) and Venus (feminine, stillness). Perhaps this diad stirred up intimacy and interactions with our partner; or maybe it had more to do with these expressions of Self.

We all likely lean more toward one expression: the passive or dominant nature of our being. Perhaps it shone a spotlight on tension and imbalance of the two, calling for an adjustment to be made to achieve balance. Have you been busying yourself, doing, expressing etc? Or maybe a complacent void has taken place. Both exist and serve a purpose. Take some time to reflect on the past two months, what were themes you saw, emotions etc. Is there anything there worth exploring, particularly if these themes have been repeated in your life.  

Get into your body this weekend as this Taurus (Sun) and Scorpio (Moon) duo deepen our ability to connect to our physical and carnal side. The senses, especially physical, invite us to savor the pleasures of being human (like having sex, ha!). Sexuality is taboo in our culture, yet it is so much a part of being human -- something we all do; how we all got here; innatute to our existence. Taurus and Scorpio are both very sensual signs. Taurus as the first Earth sign delights in the pleasures of our Earthly realm, taking their time to savor and nurture the things that bring them joy. Scorpio, the counterpart, is fascinated by the occult, taboo, and the shadow side of sex.

The theme of my conversations as of late spotlights the necessity of boundaries; the action of boundary-setting to protect our Self, maintain harmony, and cultivate a protected space where we feel safe enough to be vulnerable and open. There are a few things that help set this foundation. In Ayurveda we speak about the three pillars of health: Sleep, Digestion, and Brahmacharya (sex and creative expression) When one goes out of balance the other two quickly pick up the weight and become affected by this shift. Our lives become more complex, but this is a worthy place to start.  As individuals we must protect these pillars, setting boundaries to protect and uphold them. For we may only share the gift of our existence if we are fully present and able to give our attention to the interactions and happenings of life. At times setting boundaries can feel like we are losing something. Recently I have experienced this feeling of loss as I practiced this skill of setting boundaries, which meant having to say goodbye to someone I still cared for. I find solace when I remember that by upholding this boundary I bring myself closer to my goals, purpose; what it is I truly want. The lessons of Scorpio serves as a bitter reminder that there is always loss, and only from this void can the new enter. As with the seasons, Scorpio knows that from death comes new life.

Sleep has been a tough one for me and I note that it seems to run in my family. I recently heard a practitioner talking about how she powers off her phone two hours before bed, dims the lights and starts this unplug. TWO HOURS BEFORE BED! Now if I did that I would have one measly hour to myself between work and needing adequate sleep. But, I was inspired by this boundary and care regimen she set up, so I adjusted it accordingly and have been practicing this “disconnect” before bed, lighting candles, doing a few yin poses, giving myself time to unwind from the day and return to myself.

The result of a rest is so fantastic though! My mood, skin, etc. improve drastically and I notice my ability to show up for life is enhanced. There are times of sacrifice where that means missing out on a fun gathering or activity. This presents the choice between the old habits and the new boundary: to protect what keeps you balanced or don’t and accept the consequences.

As the Full Moon shines bright, take time for reflection. This is a time to weed out the things that get in the way. But we must not forget to reflect upon how these weeds came to be; what lessons they may offer. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn urges us to slow down, to witness the attitude that calls us to kill our problems and obstacles without understanding them in a deeper way. If we do this we miss out on valuable lessons and understandings. Dandelions pop up in the yard when there is a lack of minerals that helped the deep root of the weed come to the surface. What is the source of our weeds, theoretically speaking? What is in the way, is the way.

As the full moon shines bright take time for reflection, weeding out the things that seem to be getting in the way. Yet still taking time to understand how these weeds came to be, what they are yearning to share with you. Dandelions popping in the yard indicate a lack of minerals that the deep roots of this weed help surface. We miss out on valuable lessons and understandings by disregarding the meaning of the weeds, theoretically speaking. With pluto in retrograde in Capricorn, we are urged to slow down, to witness the “kill” like attitude we have towards problems or obstacles and understand these obstacles in a deeper way. What is in the way, is the way as someone incredibly wise once said.

Reflections on Boundaries:

Who would you be if you protected your “health”, standing your own ground?

Where and with whom do you feel challenged to practice setting boundaries?

What are you taking on that is not yours to carry?