When the Sun Rises

When the sun rises I awake and find myself. Depending on the day I either am rested or tired, but still, I find myself. I am excited to share this post as the morning is a sacred time for me and have always been. 

In the birth chart, the rising sign symbolizes the east, where the sun rises. The most personal part of our chart, our rising sign informs us many things, such as the qualities of how we enter and interact in this world.  Directly opposite sits the west where the sun sets, and is symbolic of the intimate relationships in our chart. 

That is why mornings are an invitation to begin with self; reminding us of the valuable lesson that first we must attend to our own needs, so that then we can be of service and in partnership with others. To begin the day noticing, reflecting and making a practice out of this time offers a routine that starts the day with a strong foundation.

The first house in a birth chart reminds us of one of the many paradoxes we navigate through life. This life is personal to you, experienced by you, yet in the same cup it is influenced completely by the world around you: touched by the people in our lives, nourished by food grown from the earth that we feed our bodies. There is no denying how interconnected we are. 

How do you begin your day? I, as many of you, have the habit of reaching for my phone first thing, immediately stimulated by social media and messages from friends. Do you have a practice you begin with? There is a noticeable shift in my day when I make minor adjustments to honor the morning by keeping my phone on do not disturb and starting my day in stillness. Shifts include a clearer mind, reminded by my intentions and allowed space. When I wake I first lay in stillness, to just feel. I peak open my blinds and look at the mountains in my backyard in deep appreciation for the place I live. I pray, for myself and for others. Then I take care of my body and take a seat to practice a few simple Kriyas to awaken the body followed by a practice  of pranayama. Journal handy, I let myself flow, unwind and process the world inside of me.

Witness the experience. Lean into what is real. Even if it’s not “nice” or fitting of the way I would like to be perceived, it’s more of an honoring when I think about it. An honoring of existence and the true qualities of it. After this reflection and time, I can then go out into the world, interact and in turn be an influencer. What is the sun energy you will shine?

To watch a new day begin, the world still cold from the dark night sky, is a privilege. We wake up to live another day! From Virgo, the second Earth sign ruled by Mercury, we are asked to make time to evaluate and adjust -- to make sure the details are in order. It extends from the previous learnings of play and of heart. It beckons us to understand how to keep the fire inside kindelled. We then extend ourselves to serve others. Just as the sun sets so it can rise again to share its brightness with everything surrounding it, we find a way to extend it to something outside of ourselves.