Service to Others

Another Summer passes, and this one feels particularly fast. I suppose with each year ripened, time becomes more elusive as each day that passes is a smaller fraction of the whole. I write to you about the magic of service to others. A particular kind; one that asks us to step down from our superiority -- to step out of our busy lives and be of cause to something besides ourselves and become instead one that serves without an agenda. Let’s meet on the Earth for this month’s exploration of service to others, inspired by the lessons of Virgo, our second Earth Sign in the zodiac.

The concept of service to others is noted in all religions and spiritual studies that I know of. The presence of a topic across cultures, one that has been time tested is surely worthy of consideration in our day-to-day lives. It is one I must bring myself back to time and time again. When my world becomes consumed with my own dramas, desires, etc. this simple practice of being of service guides me out of the labyrinth of my mind and back into perspective of the bigger picture.

When I look around and see suicide, anxiety, depression and addiction very much present I wonder, how can I help? When I myself have visited these dark corners of my human experience, the isolation is overpowering. I know there is an important element that is missing in these times: service to others, or involvement with something larger than myself. So this month I invite you to practice this with me.

The action need not be grandiose, and should be inspired by your own unique life. It can be the simple act of doing your roommate’s dishes or picking up trash that isn’t yours. Maybe it’s time to get involved with a cause that matters to your heart. From service to others we can fertilize the soil of our heart where compassion and empathy grow tall, which in turn support us on our Earthly journey.

So this month, may we stop and listen and give from a place of abundance and serve.