Samantha Moore

Founder, Star Gazer and Word Smith

Samantha grew up on the coast line and after some angsty teen years she was shipped off to the Mountains. Ten years later she still calls Missoula home. Her studies began in Ayurveda after dealing with her own physical ailments, she then continued on to study yoga, yogAstrology, and currently is involved in her mentorship in Astrology. As someone who has always felt connected to the subtle energies of life, she wishes to share her passions and inspire others to pursue their desires so the world can be rich with individuals singing their song and sharing their gifts.


Kristina Sager

Content Creator & Editor

Kristina lives in the mountains of Missoula, Montana with her husband, three dogs, two cats, and five chickens. An intuitive empath and soul-searcher Kristina finds her fire through deep self-understanding accompanied with connection to others – supporting and empowering her tribe. Ten years ago she moved from Portland, Oregon to Montana to pursue her degree in Communication Studies with a focus in Human Relationships and a minor in psychology. She finds joy in slow and thoughtful days, reading, meditating, journaling, gardening and cooking up delicious seasonal meals with ingredients harvested by her or her husband – simple and sustainable. A true northwest girl, Kristina spends as much time outside as possible: rafting + fishing, skijoring with her husky, exploring hot springs (a minimum of one hot spring visit per month is essential!) and traveling whenever possible, scuba diving along the way.



Social Hacker & Tarot Whisperer

Marlena is a dreamer, believer in joy, and bringer of big thoughts and weird ideas. Seeming to always find herself up in the sky, she currently resides in the mountainous Missoula, MT coming from Kauai, HI and California before that. She is an explorer, constantly seeking new experiences to teach her the ways of the wispy world. When not on a grand adventure, she can be quite The Hermit found hiding in her home reading, cooking, creating art, practicing tarot, and talking to her plants.