Summer Solstice Prep Guide

The half-way mark & ways to prepare:

The structure and flow of nature offers us a landscape to work with. To explore the happenings in our personal life and create synergy when we connect them to the larger scope of things. The Solstices are a revered occurrence both in modern times and ancient traditions. The truth of its power is honored throughout time. What I am learning is that Dharma and my passion lies in communicating this awareness and attention to connectedness. It is the seed of Solshine that blossoms in new ways. When we consider the larger forces -- the astounding happenings of life around us, we remember that just like ourselves, life is constantly fluctuating. From this place we begin to choose empowerment and learn to uphold routines and lifestyles that compliment us.

We now have a few days before this solstice, this recognizing the peak of daylight, this mid point between years. This is a time  we can begin to get intentional and prepare. Clean house and find our center if you may.

As my gift I would like to offer you some considerations when it comes to diet, exercise, and reflection considering the season and astrology of this Solstice.


The summer season is noted with the bounty of veggies and fruits. The perfect time to scale up our intake of a largely plant based diet. With the weather warming up we want to think about keeping the body cool inside as to not aggravate the Pitta (fire/water) dosha. 

Tis the season for smoothies, a cooling and light meal or snack that can be loaded up with leafy greens, cucumbers, grapes, bananas, mint, apple, kiwi etc. An ayurvedic principle is to keep dairy away from fruit so if you like using a milk, try a coconut or almond milk alternative. 

Coffee… I love you but summer doesn’t. Dealers choice here but I will say switching to cold brew or eliminating it for the season can help coffee from overheating and off balancing the ph. I find when I am transitioning from coffee I need to make sure I have something in its place that is tasty, matcha latte, tea, or an adaptogenic coffee alternative can do the trick. 

This is the ideal season for salads as well, with the help of the sun our digestion is stronger and more able to break down raw veggies. I have been loving a cold noodle bowl with a homemade dressing and fresh produce. Easy and perfect for a packed lunch. When the body is in balance we secure a strong foundation for balance in our lives.

Rice Noodle Bowl:

Rice Noodles

Shitake mushrooms



Red pepper

Fresh cucumber

Red chard



Fennel ( I use the tips from the bulb) handful

Parsley handful

½ tsp of ginger

½ tsp of minced garlic (omit if you are strong Pitta)

¼ cup fish sauce

2 TBS of Applesauce / maple syurp / honey

Salt + Pepper

⅓ cup +  Olive oil or coconut oil  


If you have some serious digestive imbalances you may consider working with someone to create a special plan or diet for you. I am available for private sessions if you want to explore your doshic constitution and design a plan for you. 

The heat of the day can make it unappealing to work out intensely. For good reason too, the body is quick to overheat and burn out if you work it too hard. The best time for exercise will be early mornings and later evenings. A meditation or Pranayama practice mid-day can be soothing and restorative for the Pitta season.


Consider the start of this year and the past five months, what are your feelings on it?

Where have obstacles popped up and are you able to see their meaning? 

Are you creating? 

Are you giving back? This act of service reminds us and grounds us in the truth of our kinship. In the subtle ways we are constantly affecting one another. How do you give back?

The year of 2019 in Astrology beckons us to create, to act and own the skills we possess. A year that will surface the outdated routines that restrict us from moving forward, the choice remains yours? I heard a phrase states, spirituality is not how many yoga classes or green smoothies you are drinking, it is a choice to evolve.