Obstacles as Opportunities Ritual 

This ritual is inspired by a book I am reading called the The Book of She, a book exploring the Yin or feminine energy.

ATTENTION MALES, this does not exclude you. If anything we need you more than ever to also explore this yin nature in yourself. Collectively as a community we are being asked to adjust the way we have respected females, and the feminine in all of us.

Obstacles as Opportunities Ritual

1.     Chose a space – one  that feels nice and allows you some privacy and bring a journal.

2.     Bring out a favorite rock (earth) or plant, or both.

3.     Find a candle and spark that thing!

4.     Take a few breaths, beginning to lengthen the inhale and extend the exhale. 

5.     Drop your awareness into the body and into the actuality of where you are at right now. Feel into your body, noticing what is present and available to you. Move to meet your intellectual mind. What thoughts are running through your brain? Is there a story or common theme your mind falls into? Inquire into the obstacles that are present for you right now. Make space for this practice of actuality using your journal to help put words into this self-exploration. Spend at least 10 minutes running through this practice. 

6.     Begin the practice of potentiality after meeting what is here and real for you.

7.     After spending time in both realms, one of current circumstance, and the other of vast potential. Write down the intentions you wish to materialize, to embody.